Accumulator war?

David Kase davekase at
Thu Jun 8 12:44:09 EDT 2006

Just to mention - I NEED OLD STYLE BOMBS!!!

If any one has any laying around I will buy them.  I can't pay too much 
as I need to control my costs but a little beer money is better than a 
old, useless part!

Please contact me.

Also, $2 from every bomb I sell goes to Audifans...  (thanks Dan!)

Dave Kase

Steve Sears wrote:

>I had to laugh at the latest Marketplace Digest - two competing ads for accumulators, one for recharged, the other for new.  Good work Dave and Paul - you guys truly are really doing  great service for us Audifanners.....but is "someone" now watching our list for escalations in the war of the accumulators (aka......)
>Steve Sears
>1987 Audi 5kTQ - with a collectable Southerlin Rechargeable Accumulator
>1980 Audi 5k - accumulating dust
>1962 and '64 Auto Union DKW Junior deLuxes - accumulating car show dash plaques
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