Help - 200TQ big boost leak on trip

Kurt Deschler desch at
Thu Jun 8 18:38:37 EDT 2006

We are on our way from massachusetts to michigan and having a problem with 
the 200. Under boost, there is a surge of air into the cabin through the 
vents. The engine bucks a little also. I turned off the climate control 
and still the same so it seems like a big boost leak. I looked around the 
pressure hoses and can't see anything obvious except a small amount of oil 
on the rubber hose from the J hose to the intercooler. I don't want to 
mess with it on the road and make it worse since I don't have many tools 
with me. I thought that you could force the engine to boost by pinching 
off the lower wastegate hose.  At least then I could hear where the leak 
is. If anyone has any ideas or can help, I am headed down I90 almost to 
NY. I'm mobile on the laptop so I will get any emails right away.  For 
now, we will try to stay off the boost.


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