re. 2.3 100Q 1989 injector insert for efi.

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I would like to know if/how you solve this problem.


There seems to be limited clearance for an EFI in the NG manifold, unless
you ream/enlarge the manifold injector ports for direct fitment of the


I resorted to sourcing a Eurovan manifold - already EFI and made to bolt to
the NG head.



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The car is 100Q

year: 1989

2.3 liters 10V.


I need the p/n to replace my injector  inserts (CIS) by electronic injectors

THere are not the same as the 5000TQ or VW insert.

They have not thread to instal them in the head like those use for VW 16V
or 5000TQ.





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