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I too remember Turners (Sorry to hear about Kent) both from autocrossing
and going to vintage races. Strangely, I've NEVER seen a street Turner,
evah. Doesn't help that they look like typical, non-descript British
sports cars from the 60's. 
**** Exactly. When we were at Watkins Glen vintage races in 2004, each
time Brady and I were wondering about such a car, he said "Must be a
Turner". And usually, he was right! 
As for the Lotus, to help with recognition, if the headlights were
exposed, it was an Elite (there is yellow one with a BRG stripe that
seems to make the vintage circuits every year, and there is also an all
silver one with white number roundels) and the Elan has covered (pop up)
lamps. The Elan racing coupe actually doesn't carry the Elan name, it's
just a number or some such (Series 2 comes to mind, but I'm too fuzzy to
truely recall) and there are a few (very few) of those making the
Vintage circuits also. Although I LOVE Elans, the Elite is so much more
elegant looking circulating the track. 

 **** I am sure it was an Elan, albeit race prepared (a 26R ?). There
was one Elite at Mont Tremblant in 2004, and I know how it looks, a very
nice little plastic wonder... The Elan of this week-end was dark green
metallic, the pop-up headlamps were replaced by small round lamps under
a Plexiglass cover ( It
had a factory-looking hardtop, but we didn't see the engine. We suppose
it was a Coventry-Climax because of the high revs, but it might also be
a Lotus TwinCam.

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