Saw an R8 today...

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Mon Jun 12 13:05:15 EDT 2006

Yup. That's it. 26R. And those only came with a hardtop. Actually, one of
the things that disappointed me about Lotus race cars is how flatulant they
sound, at least with the TwinCam. Not quite fart can, but not as attractive
as the cars look.


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>  **** I am sure it was an Elan, albeit race prepared (a 26R ?). There was
> one Elite at Mont Tremblant in 2004, and I know how it looks, a very nice
> little plastic wonder... The Elan of this week-end was dark green metallic,
> the pop-up headlamps were replaced by small round lamps under a Plexiglass
> cover ( It had a
> factory-looking hardtop, but we didn't see the engine. We suppose it was a
> Coventry-Climax because of the high revs, but it might also be a Lotus
> TwinCam.

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