Saw an R8 today...

Lincoln Rutledge lrutledge at
Mon Jun 12 12:56:16 EDT 2006

LL wrote:
>note, and NONE of them come close to the two loudest things I've EVER heard
>in unrestricted IMSA racing, the Mazda (rotary) GTP car (ear splitting
>shreik! VERY painful) and the 5" header dump of the Zakspeed Capri/Mustang

I believe the sound of the Datsun 240 climbing from turn one to the
keyhole at MidOhio in high gear may be one of the loudest I've heard... 
The grade makes for extra strain, and since the thing is spinning up
around 7-8k RPM, the inline six really sends out a resonance that
travels for miles...  Very cool though :)


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