Hall Sender code MCII

mholme3 at aol.com mholme3 at aol.com
Wed Jun 14 00:15:10 EDT 2006

Doesn't the 2113 code come up by default if you try to start an MC2 and 
it doesn't start?


87 4ktq
00 S4

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 Listers, Been a while since I posted but there seems
to be a problem. I sold my 90 200tqa to a friend whos
wife proceeded to get into 2 accidents with the car in
a one week period!! Now that could very well be the
problem but it's not...
The car got hit in the front, car drove fine for weeks
after. I got a chance to go look this past Sunday
nowing that my friend said it cranked but just
wouldn't catch. I even heard it over the phone. So I
thought maybe the starter wires were bad again(I had
that problem once before),
so when I got there everything looked good at the
starter? So I figured I'd see about any codes.
 Cranked the car over for 10sec left the key on &
inserted fuse in FPR & got 2113(Hall Sender)? But the
thing is I replaced the distributor 10K ago(last year)
shortley before I sold the car. & my friend was
driving the car just one day it wouldn't start.

 So should I just replace to get it going? Since the
car is in S.Portland, Maine & I'm in Ma$$. I didn't
have a meeter with me & my friend didn't eather so I
don't know if it was in spec or not?
 But question is what would make this happen when one
day the car started fine & the next it didn't.
 & I checked everything else on Scott Mocs "no start
condition" before I left. & re-checked the codes
before I left again & got the Hall Sender code.
 Any help?
90 80q 20vt AAN project
90 V8q 3.6 not stock
93 V8q 4.2 "The Green Monster"
& a Porsche 944 F.S

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