thoughts on purchasing a TDI?

tmb the_questionist at
Thu Jun 15 10:12:14 EDT 2006

> I'm not exactly sure why but I've been toying
> with the idea of buying a used TDI (Jetta or 
> Golf) recently, but I know I need to do some 
> research.  I know there are a few TDI owners 
> here so hopefully I can get some leads for more

> reading material.

i'm not currently a TDI owner, but i would like
to be at some point.
> My questions are: 
> any particularly good buying guides online?

i dunno.
> Any reliability issues that would surprise a
> 20020v owner?

for the most part, the cars are very reliable. 
they're not as durable as the old skool turbo
diesels from back in the 80s and early- to
mid-90s, but the trade off is easier to use
vehicles, with more power, performance, and

some things off the top of my head that are issue
areas with mk4:

-front door window regulators
-O2 sensors
-coolant temp sensors
-MAF sensors
-front armrest handles
-headlight bulbs
-taillight bulbs
-side marker bulbs
-power mirror switches
-catalytic convertors (can be troublesome)
-seat heaters
-seat heater switches
-lower engine covers

one thing to be aware of with the TDIs is the
crazy carbon build up that occurs in the intake
system.  i've seen a lot of TDI vehicles with
blown motors that have died as a result of a hunk
of carbon falling into the cylinders.  that is an
expensive repair, there's no two ways about it.

i'm not trying to deter you from the purchase,
just trying to shed some light.  i know that the
cars can be a PITA, but i'd still rock one in a



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