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Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 15 11:40:26 EDT 2006

--- Huw Powell <audi at humanspeakers.com> wrote:

> >>> Are you getting any spark?
> > 
> >  Yes
> >>> I would next disconnect the gas line leading up
> to
> >>> the, say, fuel rail and place it in a glass
> bottle
> >>> to
> >>> collect the contents while someone else cranks a
> bit
> >>> to see if you're getting fuel to the injectors.
> > 
> > 
> >  I'm getting fuel. 
> Then what is missing or wrong must be air.
> > The accident did push the intercooler loose & into
> one
> > of the front bolts. The cooler does have a dent in
> the
> > lower mid point of the cooler & there is oil in
> that
> > area. The cooler end tanks look OK though through
> a
> > visual & hand inspection. No cracks or holes in
> the
> > end tanks. Just the indent in the fins were it
> looks
> > like oil is spiting out.
> That sounds like a leak, doesn't it?  From what I
> hear, the IC, etc., 
> gets oily on the inside, and if that oil can leak
> out, air can leak in 
> or out, too.  Is the IC before or after the fuel
> metering head?
> Just my .02...

 Huw, (as I breathe with a sigh of relief) yes the IC
is after the fuel distributor.
 On the inside of the engine rite in the middle of the
cooler at the very bottom rite to the side of the snub
mount there's an indent that I can put my index finger
in say about 1/4 to 1/2 inch! & it sure is all oily in
that area.
 So maybe what your saying is replace the intercooler
with a good one & see what happens huh ;-)

 But I've had air leakes before & this one seems
 as when I burst the lower hose when I first bought
the car 4 years ago. I replaced all breather & turbo
hoses before I chipped & WG springed the car back in
the day.
 Well thanx Huw glad to see an "ol salt" still here.
90, 80q 20vt AAN project
90 V8q 3.6 not stock
93 V8q 4.2 "The Green Monster"
& a Porsche 944 F.S

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