Audi claims pole with TDI Power at Le Mans

Louis-Alain Richard louis-alain.richard at
Thu Jun 15 18:34:13 EDT 2006

Since the specs are in French, I'll translate the interesting tidbits (look 
for the -----):

Couleur: Gris métal et rouge Bandeau: Arceau jaune Rétro: Chromé
----- Silver body color, red stripe with yellow roll bar and chromed 
mirrors. That'S the theme to follow now. No more white-red-brown of the old 

Moteur :
AUDI  5499 cm3 Turbo
Type:  V12 TDI à 90° alu
----- 90 degrees, to keep the center of gravity lower than with a 60 degree 
(which is the natural angle of a V12)
Disposition:  Longitudinal central AR, porteur
----- engine is north-south, as all the true Audis... sorry TT.
Distribution:  Double ACT, 4 soupapes par cylindre
----- DOHC, 4 valves Diesel ??? must be a sign of things to come.
Alimentation:  Injection directe TDI
----- Direct injection... Aren'T all diesel DI ?
Allumage:  Bosch Motronic MS14
----- Ahh, a familiar name for us....
Suralimentation:  2 TURBOS GARRETT
----- Where are the KKKs? No one keeps the tradition these days...
Couple:  1100 Nm à 3500tr/mn
----- That is nearly 800 ft-lbs, folks. Tire shreading torque, that is.
Puissance  650 cv à 4500 tr/mn
----- max power at 4500 ?  I guess the driver will keep overevving it for 
the first hour or so....
Restriction:  2 brides dia. 39,9mm
----- that engine breaths tru 2 tiny holes of 1.5 in... no wonder it doesn't 
rev past 4500... It's like breathing thru a straw during an Ironman....

Embrayage  Sachs 3 disques céramique
----- another familiar name, for us turbo 5 owners. Should last the next 3 
seasons, if they are as reliable as always....
Boite de vit.:  Audi/X-Trac, longitudinale, 5 vit. séq. à commande au volant
----- only 5 speed, logical with that much torque....
Chassis:  N°R10-103 Monocoque carbone type R10
Concepteur:  Audi Sport (Wolfgang Appel)
Suspension:  AV: Doubles triangles superposés, poussants et combinés 
AR: Doubles triangles superposés, poussants et combinés 
----- What ? Double wishbones at both ends ? Where are the marvellous 
McPherson struts ?

Etriers  Brembo 6 pistons AV/AR  Disques  carbone Brembo
 ----- 6 pots calipers fr-rr, carbon discs, where are the UFOs?? Shame on 

Amortisseurs:  Ohlins
----- I would have preferred BOGE turbo Gas, much more comfortable...

Direction Assistée:  Oui
---- Power steering.... bleah, what's next: AC ? Navigation ? heated seats ? 
Tiptronic ?

Carrosserie:  ouverte en carbone
Phares  Hella
Réservoir  90 litres
----- A 90 liter tank, like on my urQuattro!
A noter :  Voiture nouvelle au Mans, à moteur diésel, équipée d'une boite 5 
vitesses et d'un antipatinage.
---- there is a traction control !!! wow, why didn't they put ESP, while 
they were at it....

Pneus  Michelin
---- Let's have a thought for the poor Edouard Michelin who died tragically 
last month... Amen.
Jantes  OZ 18 "
---- Now, why would someone put 20 inchers on an A4 when the King of all 
Audi rides 18? Must be a fashion thing...

---- I am sure this beast will win Lemans, too much technology and 
experience. It's a milestone, as all the manufacturers wants to showcase 
their diesel these days. Oil burners are the way of the future, even in 

Good luck Audi,

1983 Quattro, premium unleaded please...

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