Talking Diesels ...

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Fri Jun 16 09:37:25 EDT 2006

... twice now I've caught Audis with Michigan Manufacturer plates when 
tending to errands on the motorcycle along I-280 in San Jose ... the first 
time it was an RS6, back in the day when the RS6 coming to the USA wasn't 
more than a rumor ...

... the other day, while lane splitting along the ramp from EB-280 to SB-101 
I spy an Audi with similar manufacturer plates ... no badges whatsoever ... 
and I have to admit that I'm not well up to the details for recognizing the 
current models from behind or the side ... but its probably an A8 ... 
possibly A6.  Traffic begins moving a bit and I've got some room so I hang 
around the car ... and notice a small sign indicating that the car is 
running on clean diesel power.  I've gotta agree there ... nothing worse 
than sitting behind an F-250 pickup (or equivalents from the other 'murkin 
marques) ... or beside them for that matter.  As is my position on diesels 
... if the vehicleis going to be making that much stench for others, the 
exhaust should be forward, so the people in the vehicle get to share in the 
experience!  No worries about that on this Audi ... if it weren't for the 
sign I wouldn't have known its a diesel.  It looked like a family venture, 
four in the car with a couple kids in back ...

... anyone see or hear anything about VW/Audi diesels coming back to 
California?  I always thought getting a new TDI might coax me away from my 
newest vehicle being 15 years old!

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA) 

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