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Wow.  You can say that again.  I finally tried it out today and got the center
vent temperatures back down to 38 degrees on a 75 degree day.


Runs perfectly -- very smooth, very cool, no noise.  The only thing I had to
do was make sure that I jumpered out the low-pressure switch inside the plenum
and remember to invert the can properly to get the coolant in while I was
filling it.  Connect the fitting, attach the gauge/charge line, pierce the
can, back the turnbuckle off, and rev the engine a little. 


What a pleasure.  I can't thank you enough for that tiny piece of well-placed


On 5/30/06, Ben Swann <benswann at comcast.net> wrote: 

Just do it!  It is easy, cheap and blows away R134! 


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From: Alex Kowalski [mailto: hypereutectic1 at gmail.com] 
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Subject: Your air conditioning suggestion

Hi Ben,

Funny how things work on the Qlist.  Even though the AC is functional in my
5KCSTQ, it's not as cold as it was last year and the vent temps. take a long
time to settle down to "truly cool" so I was thinking of an R134a conversion.
But will this Envirocare stuff really let me top off the system and keep it
going for another year?  If I could postpone the inevitable for one more
summer I'd be very happy. 

Note:  I didn't bounce this to the list because if it is true, I don't want to
spoil it for envirocare.  Based on your recommendation, I bought one of their
kits yesterday.  Does it work as advertised? 




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