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Greg is excellent, by the way.

What car is this? I've always done the various suspension pieces 
piecemeal.  They dont all age equally.

Certainly my 00 S4 needed only one control arm and one tie rod at ~75k 
and was tight again.

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> Thanks for suggestions (even th p-car shop).  I took a quick trip up 
> to AutoFirme.  Greg was extremely nice and diagnosed the cam seal 
> gasket in about, oh 30 seconds.  As at this point it's weeping/seeping 
> I am going to let it run until a) car exhibits a burning oil smell, or 
> starts dripping oil in driveway.  I think I might try the brakes on my 
> own.  I'm going to have the tranny service done (filter and replace 
> fluid), I'm skipping the flush as I was told sometimes that opens a 
> whole can of worms/pandora's box/etc.  Doing the brakes (rotors-ate, 
> pads -pagid, front lines- stock audi, fluid ate super blue), oil 
> (Mobil1 0-40w, stock filter) and tranny service.
> Supposedly front driver tie rod is frozen, but the car drives well.  
> It has Continental tires on it, I figure on redoing the 
> suspension/alignment after the conti's run out (MUCH prefer 
> bridgestone or michelins).  It supposedly has a frozen tie rod and a 
> ball joint just beginning to wiggle, but within spec.  Do you guys 
> replace the whole front end with the "upgrade kit", or just the one 
> tie rod?  Anyone have a partition net lying around?
> Thanks,
> Kevin
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