Adapting Alpine to A6 bose

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Mon Jun 19 13:43:39 EDT 2006

> From: "Beatty, Robert" <BeattyR at>
> Subject: Adapting Alpine to A6 bose
>(snip) I'm picking up an Alpine head for my
> 95 A6Q Sedan and I want to make sure the head isnt overdriving the
> since they are individually amplified.(snip)
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I would think that the amp signal will overdrive the high impedance input of
the self powered speaker. You wont be able to lower the volume enough to
control the speaker input.

You can wire up two resistors in series at the output of the amp .
.something like 10k and 1k. The voltage across the 1k resistor is only 10%
of the total output . .. easier to control with volume control.

But, you said "head unit" . . . no speaker amp in a head unit? . . . only a
high impedance output? . .like an output meant for another amplifier? In
this case, you shouldnt have a problem. The head is putting out a signal
similar to the output of a pre-amp. Just feed the signal directly to the
powered speakers.


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