Testing CV joints

Evan Parker Evan at nextgenrealty.com
Thu Jun 22 19:07:18 EDT 2006

All the best girls I know have ones that feel just like audi quattro CV
boots.  That's obviously why they're the best.

Trick is that it's going to feel like they're full of fluid of grease,
instead of being hollow, they will push back at your hand, where as a
broken one will not do this.

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Very interestingly put Evan :)

I've had the pleasure of squeezing among other things
many tits so far in my life time, big and small,
silver dollars, mosquito bites, real and not so real,
and also JUST squeezing about 10 CV boots on 1/2
driveshafts, 2 of which earlier today as a matter of
fact since I'm replacing them in one in my QSW, and I
tell you the boots felt nothing like breasts, "firm
and supple if they are good," as you described.

Maybe it's because the boots were either on the way
out, hard and cracky. So I will give you the benefit
of the doubt until I get a feel for the new bootys on
1/2 driveshafts that I'm getting. I will have to
resort to memory on this one to make the comparison.
Man, I sure miss those college days in the northeast.

And besides, tits come in all type of firmness. The
ones you described I would rate them close to, if not,
a 10, provided they're real. 

What if the fellow lister has not had the pleasure of
squeezing some like the ones you described? He would
be oblivious and maybe even frustrated at your

-Best Regards!!!

Now getting back to th

Evan wrote:
> Common failure point on them is the boots.
> Jack up the car and first, inspect them for cuts In
> the boot, then, this is  
> The important part, squeeze them as if they were a
> breast.
> They will feel firm and supple if they are good.  
> If they are bad it will feel like you're squeezing a
> piece of rubber.
> Yes I'm completely serious in saying this, it's
> pervy, but it's true.
> Usually a CV will only go bad if the grease has
> creeped out and dried up the boot.

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