oil transmission cooler line for coolant?

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I found some Silicone coolant hose to replace this in a couple of 89 200TQ.
Been holding up for ~ 80K miles.  Wish I could remember where I got it...
Methinks it was the local Kenworth dealer, the Truck folk know longevity.

I would imagine the rubber composition of oil line would be fine... But I
like Silicone hose since it stands up to heat very nicely.

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Is there any particular reason I can't use reinforced oil transmission
cooler line to replace the short section of hose that joins the metal pipes
for the turbo coolant line?

It is thinner than the old line, same ID, but reinforced...so I'm not too
worried about pressure.  Temperature shouldn't be a problem, as I would
imagine transmission oil could hit temps equal or higher than coolant.

I'm more concerned about long term chemical incompatibilities.  I run
Pentosin blue, if it matters (phosphate/silicate/nitrate free.)

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