oil pressure

Snoopy snoopy at noway.lt
Tue Jun 27 03:23:08 EDT 2006

Hi. I have a '90 Audi 100 2.3, NF engine. Yesterday I played around
for about 10 minutes with accelerator down to the floor :) After that
I was running idle at my yard with hood open, and then pretty loud
'boom': engine stopped, the oil level meter (that stick) was shot out
on the ground, and the area around oil cap was covered in oil. When I
opened the cap, white smoke (or fume) was going out. I waited until
the engine cooled down a bit, started - everything looks fine. I
didn't lost any power, oil, coolant levels and temps are ok. But the
oil pressure dropped a bit - before it was 2/5 bar (idle/load), now
it's about 1.7/3.5.

What happened? I guess the explosion was caused by jammed ventilation
hoses, but why did the pressure dropped? Maybe the oil pressure sensor
was damaged?


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