Bumper cover plastic repairs

Kent McLean kentmclean at mindspring.com
Tue Jun 27 10:32:24 EDT 2006

Kneale Brownson wrote:
> Any suggestions for repairing the plastic in a V8 bumper cover?  

I had some cracks in the fairing on my motorcycle. I used an
automotive fiberglass repair kit from the FLAPS that included 
the resin and cloth.  It seems to be holding up well.  

You could/should reinforce the joint with a short piece of 
metal strapping. Maybe do it in layers -- cloth and resin 
only to join the pieces, then a second layer that adds the
metal reinforcement under another layer of cloth.

Kent McLean
'94 100 S Avant, "Moody"
'89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy" up in smoke

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