oil pressure

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Tue Jun 27 13:44:18 EDT 2006

> Hi. I have a '90 Audi 100 2.3, NF engine. Yesterday I played around
> for about 10 minutes with accelerator down to the floor :) After that
> I was running idle at my yard with hood open, and then pretty loud
> 'boom': engine stopped, the oil level meter (that stick) was shot out
> on the ground, and the area around oil cap was covered in oil. When I
> opened the cap, white smoke (or fume) was going out. I waited until
> the engine cooled down a bit, started - everything looks fine. I
> didn't lost any power, oil, coolant levels and temps are ok. But the
> oil pressure dropped a bit - before it was 2/5 bar (idle/load), now
> it's about 1.7/3.5.
> What happened? I guess the explosion was caused by jammed ventilation
> hoses, but why did the pressure dropped? Maybe the oil pressure sensor
> was damaged?

It doesn't sound like "oil pressure" to me - the pan (where the stick 
goes) and the cam cover are not places where there is oil pressure 
anyway.  Although, you might be right.

My WAG would be that some fuel leaked down into the sump area, and 
ignited on some hot metal.

A few tests might be in order - compression, integrity of coolant & oil, 
and, of course, as you say, check the various crankcase breather hoses 
(the one on the side of the block can get pretty nasty, the replacement 
is a metal pipe).

Huw Powell



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