Cylinder head - donor needed for '89 100 w/ NF engine

L DC ldc007usa at
Tue Jun 27 16:17:49 EDT 2006

Thanks Al,

With gas prices today, I guess not so cheap to get
more HP.

Al S <streichea001 at> wrote:

> I can, but it would be a shorter message if I direct
> you to
> Milling the head or cutting off material from the
> bottom of the head moves the valves closer to the
> pistons. So a vavle job is necessary to move the
> valve back into the head, as to not hit the piston
> when it comes up and the valve desends at the same
> time.
> Milling will raise the CR and may increase the need
> to increase the octane rating of the gas you use to
> prevent pinging. It is a cheap?? way to get a little
> more HP.
> Al

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