5000 window regulator fix w/ bicycle cable?

SJ syljay at optonline.net
Wed Jun 28 08:24:10 EDT 2006

My window regulator repair procedure with pix is at

Lots of high quality(large size) pix there, and Geocities limits the
bandwidth -> so much download per day.
If you get an error message, try again in 24 hours . . .or right after
Listers will read this post and go have a looksee . .and thats all she wrote
as far as bandwidth is concerned for that day!

I have more pix for attaching the new cable to the "slider", but have not
added those because of bandwidth limitations. Contact me off list and I'll
send the pix to you.

Your problem suggests that something is binding to put so much stress on the
cable that it breaks.
Most of the time, the cable jumps the pulley and gets messed up. And the
cable jumping is caused by the plastic cable guide breaking, which results
in excess cable slack . . .I have a fix for the cable guide also.

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> From: Tom Winter <tom at freeskier.com>
> Subject: 5000 window regulator fix w/ bicycle cable?
> Hi all - twice now in a year, the cable has snapped in my driver's widow
> regulator (5000 TQA). The first time it was the original one, the second,
> used donor which went last night. I've seen the cable replacement fix
> described on the site, has anyone done this using a tandem bicycle cable
> described? How do you separate the cable (old) from the carrier to replace
> it with a new one? Any other BTDTs that might come in handy? Seems a waste
> to trash the working motor on account of a broken cable.
> And, if I decided that the cable replacement is too much work vs the very
> minimal time it takes to swap in another (used) regulator, does anyone
> a window reg for my 87 5000 available for around $20?
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Tom
> 87 TQA, not very breezy inside

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