5000 window regulator fix w/ bicycle cable?

Robert M porter_t_dog at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 28 12:12:08 EDT 2006

  Regarding this 'pop' or 'clunk' when reversing my 4kq exhibits a similar 
symptom.  I've no idea what the guts of your 5k regulator look like, by on 
the 4k the motor unit is mounted to the inside of the door with some 
rubberized isolators.  I lost two out of three, so now some of the initial 
energy from the motor moves the motor unit against the zipties which now 
hold it in place instead of moving the window.  Is your motor mounting 


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>Subject: Re: 5000 window regulator fix w/ bicycle cable?
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>Hi SJ.
>Just as you predicted, the pics are not available on Geocities
>now. I would be very interested to see them if you could send
>them my way - I'm assuming just a few MB.
>Also please tell me if you are familiar with the following
>symptom. One of my front window regulators has started
>making a distinct noise each time the window direction
>is reversed. The noise is somewhere between a 'pop'
>or 'snap' and a 'clunk.' With the door trim panel off, I
>can see that the cable is tight and the plastic roller/guides
>are ok. What happens is that upon reversing direction,
>either from a stop or not, the motor runs for a fraction
>of a second without any cable movement. During this
>brief period, the springy looking thingies, where the cable
>enters and exits the motor/capstan assembly, compress
>on one side or the other as tension builds up in the system.
>Then the tension releases with a pop, the springy thingies
>relax and the cable starts moving. Is it just excessive drag
>in the window guides?
>Any idea what's going on? I'll copy this to the list also in
>case someone else has some btdt.
>Thanks for any insight and pics.
>DeWitt Harrison
>'88 5kcstq
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