Mobile (sic) 1 20-50 synthetic

David Kavanagh audiguy at
Wed Jun 28 07:13:49 EDT 2006

for my 2 cents...
I live in the northeast and I used to run 20w50 in the warmer months and
10w40 in the cold months. I noticed easier starting with the slightly
thinner oil in the winter.  (this in my '87 5KTQ)

On 6/27/06, John Larson <westcoast at> wrote:
> That would be "Mobil" 1, NOT "Mobile" 1.  10w30 is too thin for the T44
> and T89 I5 engines, especially in temperate and hot climates.  20w50 is
> specified and works best. the earlier V6 engines need 5w30, 10w30, or
> 10w40, depending on ambient temps and driving conditions.  Later cars
> like thinner oil (the use of thinner oils originated in a search for
> improved fuel mileage and the engines were redesigned to use them).  The
> owners manual for my 95A6 warns that 5w30 is inappropriate for sustained
> high speed driving.  Earlier engines such as ours were not designed for
> thinner oils, and 30w is just too thin for warm/hot weather driving.  John
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