Buying an A6 or A8 - things to look for?

Doug Yoder audifan at
Wed Jun 28 12:58:42 EDT 2006

Time to buy a new(er) car, so I need some advice from Audifans...

I'm thinking of getting either a D2 platform A8, or C5 A6 2.7t 6-spd.  I'd
like to find out what I'd be getting into in terms of potential problems
that are specific to each car.

For the A8, I've heard that the transmissions might be a common failure
item.  Can anyone shed some light on that?  Is there anything else?  How do
I tell if the transmission is on it's way out, and what can I do about it
($2k for a rebuilt one?).

For the A6, there's the turbo problems.  Good things to look for would be
new boost hoses (or modified intake with redesigned parts) and new turbos?
Is there a typical mileage/age that the turbos fail?

Then there's the standard stuff like timing belts (most of the cars I'm
going to be looking at should have had this done 20k mi ago), brakes,
suspension, power steering, etc.  Anything else I'm missing?

Thanks in advance,

Doug Yoder

"Don't tell me the sky's the limit - there's footprints on the moon."

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