The Audi 5000 by european car

Ed Kellock ekellock at
Wed Jun 28 16:02:55 EDT 2006

I believe the way the article read they might have been referring to its
first intro in Europe.

On 6/28/06, cobram at <cobram at> wrote:
> Huw Powell <audi at> writes:
> > Not to diminish your many good points in critique of the article
> > (which  I have not read), but wouldn't the 1984 model year have been
> > released for sale in late 1983?
> Pretty early I suspect, I parted out a 1984 5000T a while back, with a
> title dated the end of March, 1983.  Haven't seen the article yet, but
> these things almost always go by model year, not fabrication year, so the
> article would still be incorrect by listing 1983 as the first year for
> the model.
> I was nothing more than an almost innocent bystander.

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