Buying an A6 or A8 - things to look for?

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Wed Jun 28 18:16:09 EDT 2006

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On Jun 28, 2006, at 12:58 PM, Doug Yoder wrote:

> Time to buy a new(er) car, so I need some advice from Audifans...
> I'm thinking of getting either a D2 platform A8, or C5 A6 2.7t 6-spd.  
> I'd
> like to find out what I'd be getting into in terms of potential 
> problems
> that are specific to each car.
> For the A8, I've heard that the transmissions might be a common failure
> item.  Can anyone shed some light on that?  Is there anything else?  
> How do
> I tell if the transmission is on it's way out, and what can I do about 
> it
> ($2k for a rebuilt one?).
I've seen several complaints of leaking diff and tranny housings, but 
not hard failures.
Just me ...

> For the A6, there's the turbo problems.  Good things to look for would 
> be
> new boost hoses (or modified intake with redesigned parts) and new 
> turbos?
> Is there a typical mileage/age that the turbos fail?
No typical mileage. The turbos, like any others, last well if they are 
cared for.
That means synthetic; regular changes; cool down; drive easy until warm.
Hard to figure out.  I've seen 150-200k, and I've seen 30k.  Its in use 
Had an S4 with no probs.

> Then there's the standard stuff like timing belts (most of the cars I'm
> going to be looking at should have had this done 20k mi ago), brakes,
> suspension, power steering, etc.  Anything else I'm missing?
Tie rod ends wear.  Front control arm bushings (60-80k); ball joints;
regular warping of front rotors (sometimes its just pad depoisits,
but vibrates nonetheless -can be fixed by controlled hard stops with 
cool down

...and of course, ignition switches :-)

> Thanks in advance,
> -Doug
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