The Audi 5000 by european car

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Thu Jun 29 01:27:55 EDT 2006

I wrote them a letter many years ago and they printed part of it, pieced
together with another, giving the other writer credit. I know all
submissions are there's to do with as they please, but there is such a thing
as integrity.  I don't feel it was exercised in that case.

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> Letter to the editor:
>   I wrote one a while back on an article on the 80Q winter 
> beater that they had picked up. Got no response, and nothing 
> was mentioned of it. Oh, Well. I'll second that, itf it's not 
> an TT S4 or 1.8T, it seems they don't have much interest in it.
>   Tony Hoffman
> >Perhaps you could write EC a "letter to the editor"? I think 
> you could 
> >do that via email.
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