Cylinder head - donor needed ... maybe not

Dave C dconner at
Thu Jun 29 10:02:18 EDT 2006

Hi everyone,
Just an update on my '89 100 ...
I've pulled the head and am optimistically thinking that all I need is a
head gasket.  It appears the head is still flat and there is no sign of
cracking or other damage.  Close inspection of the gasket does not reveal
any obvious point of failure.

After pulling the head I realized I didn't really know what I'm looking at
so consulted with ace local Audi specialist Bo at Acceleration on N High St
here in Columbus.  He said that 98% of the time when this happens the head
gasket is all that's needed.  He also suggested that the blown heater core
may be the result of a blown head gasket ... maybe the gasket failed first.

So I've got the interior all cleaned up ... pulled the carpet, washed
everything, dried and put back together.  Next is put the engine back
together.  I don't plan to do any head refurbishment because the thing ran
great up til now.   Then on to the heater core replacement.
- -
Dave C.

On 6/25/06, Al S <streichea001 at> wrote:
> Check two things when you get the head off. Bad head gasket. Warped heat,
> which might be milled back to spec or flatness. Milling will also increase
> your compression ratio, be careful.
> Al streicher
> Mililani, Hawaii
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> Subject: Cylinder head - donor needed for '89 100 w/ NF engine
> I need a cylinder head for my 89 100 with NF engine.  Could someone tell
> me
> which models and years are potential donors?
> This engine differs from earlier NF engines like the one in my 87
> 5KS.  For
> one thing the 89 NF has a newer style intake and exhaust manifold, maybe
> other differences as well.
> The reason I need a new head is cause the heater core ruptured and my wife
> kept driving.  Made quite a mess of the interior.  I sepnt the day tearing
> out the interior, carpet, underlayment, etc. all the while hoping the
> engine
> might be OK.  No such luck.   The engine >seems< to run OK, but I can see
> water dripping into the cylinders when I remove spark plugs immediately
> after shutting the engine off.
> BTW ... if anyone has a cylinder head like this for sale, please contact
> me.
> thanks,
> David Conner
> Columbus OH
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