Low oil pressure issue

Dan DiBiase d_dibiase at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 29 11:45:33 EDT 2006

jesserctc at charter.net wrote:  HAs anyone here experiences low oil pressure to a damaged oil filter? I  was too busy with school so the wife took the car to the Valvoline for  an oil change. After about a month the oil pressure was way low. Light  would flicker at low RPM and at anything above 2500 RPM the lifters  were clacking like crazy. When i started checking for a cause i noticed  that the oil filter from Valvoline had a big honking dent in it, either  before it was installed or during installation. Otherwise i cant find a  good reason for the pressure drop.
Any input would be appreciated.

Jesse,  not in my Audi but in my '76 MGB - I had a very old oil filter on it  and was consistently getting oil pressure about 35 lbs below the norm.  Changed it along with the oil (and put in the recommended weight) and  it has been fine since.
  Dan D
  '04 A4 1.8Tq MT-6
  '76 MGB Tourer
  '65 MGB Tourer
  Central NJ USA

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