Cylinder head - donor needed ... maybe not

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Dave, I am not an expert on Audi engines, but 180K on any engine could
benefit from a valve job.  Not sure of the cost. A valve job consists of
regrinding the valve faces and seats, replacing or restoring the valve
guides and installing new valve guide seals. Since the head is off, just
good insurance. Do a google on "valve jobs".
  I am sure some of the others here can also give you advice.

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180k miles on the engine which ran great up til now, as near as I can tell.

I would need some justification for a "valve job" ...
What would a typical valve job include.  What would I gain? What would be a
ballpark cost estimate for a "valve job"?

Re: your heater core ... if you don't need it you might save yourself a
>lot< of trouble be bypassing it now, before it blows.  Replacing the heater
core would be easier than what I had to go through to clean up the mess it
made of the interior, and certainly easier than pulling the head.  The
plastic heater control valve is another failure point which would be
eliminated in the heater core bypass.

Thanks for any advice re: valve job, etc.
 DAve C.

On 6/29/06, Al S <streichea001 at> wrote:
  That "is" good news. Now how many miles on the engine? Not a bad time to
do a valve job. Don't envy the job on the heater core, if mine ever goes, I
will eliminate it, don't need it here. Check with  your specialist about the
valve job.
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  Hi everyone,
  Just an update on my '89 100 ...
  I've pulled the head and am optimistically thinking that all I need is a
head gasket.  It appears the head is still flat and there is no sign of
cracking or other damage.  Close inspection of the gasket does not reveal
any obvious point of failure.

  After pulling the head I realized I didn't really know what I'm looking at
so consulted with ace local Audi specialist Bo at Acceleration on N High St
here in Columbus.  He said that 98% of the time when this happens the head
gasket is all that's needed.  He also suggested that the blown heater core
may be the result of a blown head gasket ... maybe the gasket failed first.

  So I've got the interior all cleaned up ... pulled the carpet, washed
everything, dried and put back together.  Next is put the engine back
together.  I don't plan to do any head refurbishment because the thing ran
great up til now.   Then on to the heater core replacement.
  - -
  Dave C.

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