Subject: 5000 window regulator fix w/ bicycle cable?

Tom Winter tom at
Thu Jun 29 18:29:35 EDT 2006

Hahahahaha!!!! Brutal!

After reading your description of the repair, I realize that ordering a new
(to me) window regulator from Chris at Force 5 for $25 (including shipping)
and spending a mere 15 minutes swapping it in was the right way to go.

Not that I don't find your fix amazingly impressive! I'm just a bit too lazy
to spend that kind of time on a window regulator. Of course, now I've jinxed
myself and will be replacing it again in 3 months! LOL!

But, now that I have two bad regs w/ broken cables, maybe I'll fool around
with your fix and have a backup stashed in the car just in case. . .

Can't be too careful when you're dealing with the Audi Gods. ;-)

'89 100 q (for sale)
'87 5000 tqa (red rocket)

From: SJ <syljay at>
Subject: You SOB's jinxed me and the window!

> Rolled up the window . .. nothing happening . .but I hear the regulator
> motor working. %#$&$#@@ !!!!
> Took out the drivers side window regulator.
> The window slide cable attachment point broke, center crimp fell out of
> slider, cable going up and down but not the slider.
> Ahhhhhh . .but I figured out how to solve this type of problem before when I
> was experimenting with window regulators.
> 1st you need to remove one pulley so you can remove the slider. My web site
> covers this >
> Then you need to epoxy the cable crimp into the slider. Attach a rubber band
> to hold crimp tightly in place.
> After epoxy sets up overnight, drill holes on each side of the cable crimp
> for a press fit for small finishing nails. Tap the nails in with a hammer.
> The finishing nails are cut to length with a dremel cut off wheel. These
> 'studs" retain the crimp in place  . . .you need something to replace the
> original crimping metal that broke off the slider.
> Another application of epoxy to lock the studs to cable crimp and both to
> cable slider. Let dry overnight.
> Reassemble slider to track, install pulley (drilled and tapped for screw),
> install regulator in door.

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