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I, too, was hesitant to reply to this thread in which I knew little 
about.  We had a "crack" in our 94 Chrysler town and County's leather seat 
and it wasn't getting any smaller.  I used one of the Permatex or some such 
company's leather repair kits and although it pretty much did what Kent 
said to do, I was able to fish the matereial around under the leather and 
not have to remove the upolstery.  We were happy with the results, but 
remember, this is a Chrylser, not an Audi.


At 05:18 PM 6/29/2006, Kent McLean wrote:

>Eric Langheinrich wrote:
> > My drivers side seat recently had a tear in the leather. Is there
> > a way to repair it? Is my only option to have the leather removed
> > and replaced? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
>I haven't seen a response to this, so I'll give you my 2 cents...
>If the tear is actually a split at the seam, which is quite common,
>you should be able to remove the seat, remove the leather covering,
>restitch the seam (either with a shoe-type sewing machine, or by
>hand), and put it all back together.
>If the tear is in the middle of the seat, and you just want patch
>it, you could try the following (no guarantees): remove the seat,
>and remove the leather covering.  Get a piece of strong fabric and
>glue it on the backside of the tear. When the glue has dried (24
>hours or more), put it all back together.
>The fabric should be strong and thin. I'm thinking nylon. You don't
>want a thick fabric, as it will show as a bump under the tear.  The
>glue should dry flexible, so it will move with the flexing of the
>If you were careful closing the tear when applying the patch, you
>might be done.  If not, that leaves the "hole" where the tear was
>that needs to be filled.  I don't know how to hide that, but you
>might consider a black caulk that dries flexibe to fill the hole;
>or it may make a mess -- your call.
>But if you want it to look good, you might try contacting some of
>the used Audi parts vendor (Force 5, Shokan) to see if you can buy
>just the leather of the seat bottom/back. Also, see if a local
>upholsterer can replace the torn section.
>Kent McLean
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>'89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy" up in smoke
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