It did'nt crank/start :(

L DC ldc007usa at
Fri Mar 3 18:06:49 EST 2006

I trully appreciates everyone's input!!

For Wendell:

> As for testing....Another quick test would be to use
a jumper cable to make a temporary engine to chassis
or even engine to battery negative ground and see it
that solves the problem.>

Would a ground between the engine block hole where it
meets the tranny and where it hooks up for engine
hoisting to say, a split ground one wire running to
somewhere in the chasis and the other to the little
strap that hooks up to the engine mount, do the trick?
That could even be a permanent ground.

I don't want to take that engine mount out again if I
don't have to.

I will, however, take the starter back out and strip
the paint where it makes contact with the

The car was running fine, except for the PW hose leak
before I embarked in the painting/ replacing rubber,
gaskets project.

TIA again,


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