Wheel bolt woes

Richard van der Hoff quattro at rvanderhoff.org.uk
Sun Mar 5 17:00:02 EST 2006

I changed the brake fluid on my '91 coupe yesterday, and I was just 
congratulating myself on a job well done*, and cranking up the wheel 
bolts, when I felt the sickening give of a sheared thread. Further 
inspection revealed that the thread had pulled out of the hub :(.

Tempting as it is to blame the tyreshop monkeys and their 
crank-it-up-to-500lb-ft air wrenches, that doesn't really solve the 
problem. So has anybody experienced this? Is a helicoil likely to sort 
me out?



* Incidentally: my old non-return-valve style bleeding kit 
disintegrated, so I went and bought a Gunson Ezbleed. I cannot believe I 
spent years doing this the difficult way: the Ezbleed made the whole 
thing so easy... even the clutch, with its bleed nipple cunningly 
positioned in the depths of the engine bay so as to deter all but the 
most determined, was pretty simple. Fifteen quid very well spent.

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