[V8] Cold start

Kent McLean kentmclean at mindspring.com
Mon Mar 6 03:52:39 EST 2006

Michele_Deltergo at keybank.com wrote:
> also my thoughts, but did replace the check valve with the pump. 
> Symptoms are pretty classic.  Will have to check the injector o rings.
> hopefully as easy on the I5's

I had/have second thoughts on the o-rings.  Part of me thinks they
can let fuel leak, and part of me thinks that, since they are just a
push fit, they don't really hold in gas but rather keep air from 
leaking past them.

CCing the V8 and quattro list for a sanity check:

Q. Do the fuel injector o-rings seal against fuel line pressure leaks, 
     or do they merely seal against air leaks? Or both?
Kent McLean
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