It did'nt crank/start :(

Huw Powell audi at
Mon Mar 6 12:18:23 EST 2006

> I put anti-seize? on the bolts attaching the engine
> mount, as well as on other bolts such as alternator
> mount bracket, AC mount bracket, ect.
> Does the anti-seize acts as an insulating agent
> against ground?

Probably not seriously - I suspect the mating threads squeeze it out 
under torqued pressure, leaving it in tiny gaps on the "non pressure" 
side of the threads to prevent rust by sealing out moisture, etc.  That 
said, I wouldn't use on a bolt that was expected to be part of a current 
carrying system, I'd use silicon dielectric gel.

> I think I could run a ground off of the nut that
> screws through the starter housing to hold it in place
> to the engine/tranny. 

That would work, but then you'll have to fool with the ground wire 
whenever you work on the starter.  I'd prefer one of the other 
transmission to engine bolts.

> If the car still won't crank after making such ground
> changes, improvements/ stripping off paint, then could
> it be that the ignition switch went bad or some relay?

You test that by making sure 12 volts goes to the starter when you turn 
the switch to "start".

Someone mentioned using jumper cables to get a good ground to your 
starter, I'd say that is a good diagnostic.  If you can, use both sides 
(black and red) and go straight from the battery ground to the starter 
body or bolts.  If that fixes it, make some new, better grounds as you 
have found your problem.  If it doesn't, look elsewhere.

Huw Powell

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