It did'nt crank/start--Now it does :)

Huw Powell audi at
Mon Mar 6 17:21:04 EST 2006

> As for the starter itself, it was also toast. Had it
> tested at Discount Auto Parts. I took a spare one I
> had for my VW Quantum Syncro, is the same, and hook it
> up to the 5KTQ and it cranked right up. All ground
> mating surfaces/wires cleaned spotless also.
> Yet it did not start, so I sprayed some starting fluid
> in one of the air in-take manifold vac inlets and the
> car started right up and ran for about 5 secs until it
> ran out of the juice.


> My friend, who was a mechanic for more than 20 years,
> opened the gas tank filler and said it “smells like
> varnish” and, thus, the fuel pump is “stuck, doomed.”

According to my neighbor (very good small independent repair shop) 
"modern" gasoline has "no shelf life."  To them that means engines that 
were flooded and won't start always need new spark plugs, and any stored 
gasoline must have stabilizer added to keep it good.

Anyway, you might try jumping the two big slots in the fuel pump relay 
socket with the key "on" just to see if you hear the pump run.  Make the 
jumper with a 10A fuse in line for safety.

Huw Powell

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