NAC: how to install an input jack on an OEM radio?

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Fri Mar 10 11:26:01 EST 2006

This all might be true, but I would say it's worth a try :)  any CD
changer-ready stereo, or anything with a cassette player in it shouldn't
be too big of a deal.  I've done this with like 5 Ford/linc/merc decks
on all my last cars, and it worked out pretty well.  Granted, they are
the model for simplicity.

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> Dude just open the sucker up and check the wiring with your trusty
> meter.

In the "old days" that might have been easy - just find a preamp level 
signal, tap in, add a switch and some input jacks.  These days I suspect

it would be tougher to find the right place to inject the signal - for 
instance, volume controls, which are a great place to "cut in", aren't 
nice little pots you can solder into these days, they are solid state 
devices.  As is the selector switching between sources.

My Nakamichi has an "aux" input, although I didn't bother to plug in the

jacks and set it up when I installed it.  But it's not "OEM"... I think 
the best solutions were pointed out here - find an FM interface that 
works well with your rig, or one that taps into the CD changer wiring.

Huw Powell

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