Steering wheel shaking + squeeking temp sensor fan

Henry A Harper III hah at
Sat Mar 11 18:27:16 EST 2006

Leaving aside the question of whether a '96 A6Q even has a pressure
accumulator since it's vacuum-booster-equipped, why in the world would
steering wheel shimmy indicate a need for brake booster (of any kind)
replacement? A failure to maintain reserve capacity on the part of any brake
booster would be felt in the brake pedal, affecting all brakes equally, not
in the steering wheel by affecting one front wheel more than the other -
which would actually be a pull not a shimmy, to get a shimmy from the
booster it would have to not only differentially actuate front brakes but
oscillate in doing so. It just doesn't work or not work that way.

As others have said, a steering wheel shimmy is likely either something
uneven in the front brake assemblies or loose/wobbly in the front


> Most likely the pressure accumulator has to be changed.
> > The steering wheel is shaking really bad when I brake. The
> harder I brake,
> > the more it shakes, to the point that the whole car is shaking.
> > Discs and pads are almost new and both look just fine. I'm
> thinking about
> > replacing them again, but is there any other things I should check? All
> > suspension components look fine too.
> > The car in question is a '96 A6Q.

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