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 |>the years, we have probably submitted $5000 worth of rebates and the 
 |>only ones that EVER came back were 2 $40 rebates from Microsoft. We 
 |>have been stiffed by HP, APC, Dell and many other so many 
 |times, that 
 |>it is not worth the effort to jump through all the hoops, waste time 
 |>and money to send the stupid things in.
 |Wow, I submitted a few rebates over the past couple of years, 
 |and I've received money back from every single one.  Sure, it 
 |may take 3-4 months before you see it, but I've always gotten 
 |the money eventually, without having to follow up on them 
 |either.  This is from Office Depot, Staples, Circuit City, 
 |Best Buy, and NewEgg.
 |George Selby 

I hate rebates;  however, I insist that I get mine when I buy something with
one.  Fry's Electronics is the most notorious IMHO.  Corsair Memory is vying
for top spot;  they owe me one that I've been after them 3 separate times
about.  Next time it goes to the California AG.

Rebates ought to be outlawed or required to be given at the time of purchase
possibly requiring one to complete a form then.


Jim Jordan

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