brake bomb HP hose and fittings.

Max Hoepli mhoepli at
Sun Mar 12 12:32:57 EST 2006

Best to get a whole new bomb, should be leaking the Pentosin 7.1 or Esso
Univis J13.


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Subject: brake bomb HP hose and fittings.

> 1987 5000 turbo quattro ~90k miles. southern car mainly/mostly rustfree..
> My brake bomb is leaking. haven't been under the car yet to get a good
> but went to the u-pull-it to find a good used and couldn't.
> they were rusty/crusty one was wet and obviously leaking all over.
> which mine may likely be doing also..
> doesn't look like a fun piece to replace. what part of a 'rebuilt' bomb do
I get from some of our list sources? does that include the squareish part
the brake hardline connects with?
> FLAPS has the HP hose for $130~
> anyonehave any insights to offer?
> or a quality, working non-rusty used one getting thier shelves oily.
> Thanks
> dan in upstate NY.
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