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Jim Dupree jdupree914 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 13 20:49:01 EST 2006

Low side port is under the low pressure switch, you
remove the switch and attach your hose.
I believe the AC compressor relay is under the dash on
the driver side, probably at fault for no comp with
switch jumper-ed. It is single relay socket size but
it is taller than most others.
Good Luck

--- George Selby <gselby4x4 at earthlink.net> wrote:

> It's starting to get warm here in Eastern NC, and I
> need to get the A/C 
> working on my black interior, black exterior 90
> 200t.  The first question 
> is where is the low side recharge port?  I've found
> the high side port, 
> located right in front of the radiator.
> Second question:  According to the diagnostic
> display on the climate 
> control unit, the low side switch is keeping the
> compressor from running 
> (and thus my need to find the low side recharge port
> so I can charge the 
> system.)  However, if I jump the low side switch,
> the compressor still 
> doesn't come on, and the diagnostic display
> indicates that it should be 
> running.  If I apply 12V directly to the compressor,
> it does come on, so I 
> know the clutch works.  Last question, which relays
> should be installed in 
> the fuse box.  #6 and #11 both indicate they are A/C
> relays, and neither 
> one has a relay in it.  I have tried putting an
> appropriate relay in one, 
> the other, or both, and the A/C compressor still
> doesn't come on (when low 
> side switch is jumped over.)
> George Selby 
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