'86 4kq gas pedal ????

Tom Love theloves at localaccess.com
Tue Mar 14 20:43:05 EST 2006

Sounds to me like you are in need of a new accelerator cable bushing. The 
old foam ones eventually just fall apart and leave a lot of people stranded. 
I actually had to use the cruise control once to get me home.
About $5 from the on line parts houses and some major twisting of the human 
body to get it in there.

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> Need some help again (as always);
> Driving home yesterday I thought the throttle cable broke: gas pedal on 
> the
> floor, still idling. Find a parking lot, and sure enough there is slack on
> the cable. Rig up the string to the window, limp home, order cable. So
> today, I'm looking to swap it out and it turns out the cable is fine (if
> old), and there seems to have been a silver metal thing mounted on the top
> of the gas pedal arm. This was still connected to the cable and hanging
> loose. How is this thing attached to the gas pedal? The remains of a 
> rubber
> thing are here and there, I assume this was part of the mount. What
> direction did it face?
> Told ya, full of questions. Any assistance on how to put this back 
> together
> properly would be greatly appreciated. Since I don't know how it looked
> originally, I'm at a loss.
> Steve
> '86 4kcsq
> Kent, WA
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