1999 A6 no start

Victor Norman vicn at icarz.com
Mon Mar 20 06:09:18 EST 2006

Patient is a 1999 A6 2.8. (Wife's car).
Car ran fine until one morning it decided not to start. Engine cranks
over okay. Wet spark plug and smell of gas after much cranking so I
don't think the problem is fuel-related. Get a (rather weak?? - hard to
tell) spark with the plug resting on the cylinder head. Pulled the
trouble codes - nothing. Car is garaged and we've had no rain recently
so wet electrics can be eliminated. At this point I'm considering
replacing the ignition coil pack, but it's not cheap and shouldn't a bad
pack trigger a trouble code? Also, wouldn't a bad pack just affect one
or two cylinders?
In thirty years of owning more Audis than I care to remember, I have
always been able to solve any problems that I encountered. Guess I'm
getting old and cars are getting too complicated. Hate to think that I
may have to get the car towed to the local garage.
(Using the Bentley CD is a barrel of laughs too.).
Any suggestions that anyone on the list can recommend would be greatly
Vic Norman  1999 A6 2.8   1996 A4 2.8

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