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Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Mon Mar 20 19:51:56 EST 2006

>>Stop risking your life with those cheap pieces of ----. Do what I 
>>did instead. Get some lumber 2x12s and build yourself a couple of ramps.
>>Take one piece 60 inches long, cut a 45 degree angle in one end the 
>>long way such that when the board is lying flat this bevel serves as 
>>a steeply raked edge.
>>Do the same with another board 50 inches long. Screw that one on top 
>>of the first one such that the edges not cut line up and now the top 
>>board's cut edge is ten inches back from the first one.
>>Keep this up for four or five boards depending on the desired hight.
>>Now you have much stronger and safer ramps with the added advantage 
>>that they are not as steep and thus are easier on your clutch and 
>>can easily clear a low air dam.

Just to add a few tips to this post... I built my ramps because of the 
air dam/lowering springs problem years ago.  I used a half dozen 8 or 
ten foot pieces of 2 x 10, and cut them at the steepest angle I could on 
my table saw, at different points.  That way each board provided a long 
and short piece.  I nailed a 2 x 4 "stop" at the end of the final, top 
section, and added some shelf bracket type angle iron to the sides to 
aid in staying "on the ramp".

The irregular nature of the "steps" as you drive up is actually a 
feature, you can count each one and know when you're on the top.

A couple of casters on the end make them easy to move around.

PS, a wood project like this, the same as a ladder, should not be 
painted with an opaque finish - it makes it so you can't examine it for 
damage (rot, etc.).  A stain or varnish would be fine.

Huw Powell



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