LAC * 87 GT 4sale in Upstate NY

Daniel Stevens dosteven at
Wed Mar 22 16:33:52 EST 2006

NOT MINE, just found this, owner says has to go quick or junking it. 
I don't belong to any other Audi boards or groups so can only think to pass it along here. (think it' s mislabeled 4000 though)

1987 AUDI 5000 GT complete GOOD MOTOR and TRANNY - $275
Images at. 

1987 AUDI 5000 GT selling for PARTS or JUNK. approx. 140k 

GOOD motor and tranny, axles, alloys, etc. GREAT PARTS CAR..... 

i will be scrapping soon, so this will not last 

call 585.755.1995 

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