84 4kq injectors

Ado Sigal a.sigal at bluewin.ch
Mon Mar 27 20:47:13 EST 2006


>How important is the cone spray pattern on fuel injectors?  I set my injectors up in a home made rack the other night and did a flow test.  The flow rate seems to be nice and even but the pattern was bad.  Some would spray a partial cone and one was spraying a split cone.  They didn't look nice and even.
>My injectors are the early style p/n 0-437-502-023 with the single O ring.  Would cleaning them help or should I buy new ones?
The cone quality can be felt (and appreciated) mainly at idling and when 
cold, although a broken cone is result of particles been stuck at the 
seat, so the injectors with bad spray cone always leak to some extent. 
If the leak is significant, it should be cleaned, preferably by reverse 
method. In your case it seems, a good in-tank cleaner on regular 
intervals should do the trick.

HTH, Ado

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