Alex Kowalski hypereutectic1 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 28 19:43:20 EST 2006

Jim Haseltine wrote:

>Not only that, but your speed will be monitored too. Exceed the limit
>anywhere, anytime and you'll be fined. Unless of course the car is equipped

>with a GPS controlled speed limiter. In the UK they're proposing variable
>charging - some roads will be charged at different rates during rush hours.

I read about this months ago and I really sympathize with you fellows.  We
are apparently going to have this kind of continuous monitoring system on
our highways soon (except that of course we'll do it bigger and better!) and
it doesn't give me any pleasure to note that Great Britain was the pioneer.


Of course, in the United States it's always been very hip to be British
and/or Canadian, especially in academic circles, so it's only a matter of
time here.  Especially since our former President thinks that the UK is the
model we should follow, at least on some things.



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