Passed California smog test again, hehehehehe

Huw Powell audi at
Wed Mar 29 22:19:49 EST 2006

> I may only have to do one more test in 2 years and my car will be
> exempt......  30 years old.


> I do want to get a "modern" engine with knock sensors, mass air flow sensor,
> ox sensors on the exhaust, etc., for they get better gas mileage. 

The 81 5kt has an OXS... although it is just plain vanilla CIS running 
the engine, 130 hp, as I recall... though it sure seemed faster than 
that.  Then again, the used car dealer I got it from mumbled something 
about a waste gate spring...

> I looked
> at a very good looking 1990 - 80 today on the way home from the test, 4
> cylinder with automatic.  I bet it can't get out of its own shadow.

I bet it is faster than your 5kt, or at least close to it.  130 hp at 
3042 lbs CW versus 108 at 2624 for the 80... and less air resistance.

But why get rid of something so "tried and true", eh?

Huw Powell

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