Coupe GT blinkers

Peter Johnson ps-johnson at
Fri Mar 31 13:21:37 EST 2006

Hi everyone, my name is Pete, (used to lurk on this list for quite some 
time, first time writing in).   I am having a problem with the blinkers 
on my 85 coupe gt.  The rear blinkers do not come on when the lever is 
switched on, and the hazard switch does not bring the rear lights on 
either.  I have already tried replacing the relay under the dash, behind 
the instrument panel (the green one), and this did not solve the 
problem.  I am looking at the hazard switch itself right now, to find 
out if that is where the problem might be.  Also, the blinkers and 
hazard lights blink really quickly, almost twice as fast as normal when 
they did work, but when you press on the brake peadal, the lights blink 
very slowly, almost like they are about to stop working.  In all cases, 
I still have the dashboard indicators for the blinkers and hazards 

Thanks for any advice or input you may have.

Pete J.

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